The topic of penis length is a delicate topic for most men, even though we (men) have been told over the years by the media, female friends, girlfriends or wives that they do not care about the size of our penis, we know this is not the case. As men we all strive to satisfy our partners in bed and keep them coming back for more, we want the stamina to make love to our partners for a long period of time, and to be much larger and longer so as to stimulate the most sensitive areas of our women.

So, what do you do if you find yourself feeling unsatisfied and embarrassed by your small penis? What can you do if you are concerned about your ability to satisfy your partner because of this, what option is available to you besides penis lengthening surgery which has been shown in published medical studies to be ineffective, not to talk of the other negative effects of this surgery – such as scaring of the penis, skin tears and even worse – permanent loss of sexual function.

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