2 Exercises That Can Help Increase Your Penis Size

by blogadmin on February 26, 2011

You may not be aware that it is possible to increase the girth and length of your penis. But it is possible to do just that with the right techniques. With these techniques you can increase your penis size to satisfy yourself and please your partner. For centuries men have used penis exercises to enlargen their penises. But in recent times medical studies indicate that the theory of increasing the your penis size with exercise is sound, plus there are some definite advantages to these exercises.

You may ask what these advantages are? Well, they include the ability for you to get and retain a longer and harder erections. Plus, you can increase the amount of semen in your ejaculation and most importantly improve your overall sexual performance.

So, here are a couple of exercises that you can start doing today:

Penis Stretching: These popular exercises can enhance your penis. There are many types of penis stretching. The main goal of penis stretching is to stretch the tissue of your penis, doing this numerous times will help to keep your penis permanently enlarged.

Jelging: This is one of oldest penis size increasing exercises that exist today. You may be wondering how it works – you see Jelging is about using movements that are similar to masturbation or “milking” your penis to increase the amount of blood that flows to the blood vessels in your penis. The purpose of this action is to create a visibly larger penis. Once again, you will need to do this regularly to see good and sustained results.

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